Girdy and I were headed east after recovering from a tiring few days. We were drained and feeling uneasy.

For the past few months I’ve been hearing about the new fascination with “sungazing” and I couldn’t have thought it more ridiculous. (How closed-minded of me..) Girdy brought it up the other day and coincidentally we watched the documentary, "Eating The Sun" on the Documentary Channel the next day - today. I was hooked, but above every excitement in my body I was skeptical. The doctors and scientists had just the right thing to say in order to convince me to give it a go. Girdy and I made a plan.

Back on the highway, Girdy and I were headed east at about 4:30 when we reached the top of the pass. Suddenly we both realized that the sun was setting behind us and we wouldn’t have much time before the Sierra Nevada’s swallowed it whole. We immediately knew what we had to do. After parking the car, we literally ran up the close mountain side to catch the falling light. Careless of the dirt and gravel filling our shoes, we kept pushing for a the glimpse we wanted. Shadows after shadows surrounded us and the hope for the horizon was depleting. We turned around and looked to the west to see that the sun was painting the valley down below. We rushed through the forty degree weather back to the car and drove.

Not even six minutes later Girdy pointed out a turnout up-ahead. Still in the shadows we could see the ever shrinking glow of glory and life. And then, we were encumbered with the golden rays of all that is wondrous. Smiles exploded, laughter followed, and a sensation boiled inside; even a celebration with a high-five. The turnout ahead was lit up like a stage ready for its performance. The excitement grew immensely.


We gazed. We felt. We loved. We gained more than memories.

I can taste the change I’ve been asking for, and to tell the truth, I believe its from those ten simple seconds.

much love,


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